History Of Gallery....!

In 1872, a young man named Charles W. Kraushaar began working with William Schaus, an American agent of the noted Parisian print publisher and art dealer, Goupil, who had and opened his own gallery.

Thirteen years later, Kraushaar opened his own gallery in New York City, selling artists’ materials, photogravures, prints and frames. The gallery’s first business day brought in $5.

Over the next 100 years, three Kraushaars – Charles Kraushaar and his younger brother John, then John’s daughter Antoinette – ran the gallery, with Antoinette at the helm until 1988. Antoinette sold the gallery to Carol Pesner and Katherine Degn, and this year, Kraushaar Galleries reached a historic milestone by celebrating 125 years in bussiness.

The remarkable story of Kraushaar Galleries – one of just four New York City galleries to survive from the 1800s – has been told by Betsy Fahlman, professor of art history in the Herberger School of Art at ASU, in a beautifully bound book titled “Kraushaar Galleries: Celebrating 125 Years,” published by the gallery.

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